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Focus Technology Center

We are closing on May 5, 2021. Please stop by and get the refund on the remaining ticket that you have if it's not expired. Please check the expiration date on the ticket. We will inform all of you when we are reopening at the different location!

Let’s Have Fun and Learn Typing, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Movie Editing, and More in Hawaii! 

Focus Technology Center is the only computer school in Honolulu for fun learning for students from 1st-grade through adults. Whether you're a complete novice or tech-savvy, we are here to customize our courses to everyone's unique needs, so your experience with us is fun and meaningful every time!

Invest in Your Life.
For Forward-Thinking, Ambitious, Creative Individuals.

Technology × Creativity

The New Normal in this world has shifted our ways of life and is calling for adjustments and a coping mindset. As so many schools and companies moved online, we are realizing the need to improve our computer skills to seize new opportunities and enjoy life, too.


Our highly digital and globally-connected society sees no borders. We can access, share, and connect anytime, anywhere. Focus Technology Center by R&N Lei Aloha offers courses for children to learn and acquire the very skills they need to not only survive but also to expand possibilities!

Center Philosophy - Our Vision -

Changing Needs

As smartphones and tablets have gained great popularity, our lives have become dominated by the applications that we use. Children have only ever known a world of “always connected,” and opportunities to pursue and experience interests are at their fingertips 24/7. There are great apps that are fun and addictive, but why not take it to the next level and get creative with professional computer software that will open doors to new possibilities. 

Be Effective. Be Work Ready

Most young children have access to smartphones, and they text, post, play, etc. constantly, so they seem very technologically proficient. However, to truly be effective and succeed in school and the workforce, they need to be equipped with fundamental PC skills as well. Mobile devices are convenient, and they too are used in today’s workforce, but the fact remains that if you work in a standard office environment, you will be assigned a computer to perform your tasks. Children who are tech-savvy will also be better prepared for a workforce that will be predominantly digital. 

Hard Skills and Soft Skills

So, you are feeling somewhat confident in your use of a computer, which is great, but acquiring some intangible but important qualities is equally significant. At our center in Honolulu, you can learn logical and critical thinking skills, adaptability and perseverance to accomplish your goals. In this fast-changing digital world, these traits will be your treasures in life. You will always be able to navigate and flow with constant change.


4 Exciting Courses to Improve your Computer Skills


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Owner Profile


Takao Ugai

Owner / Architect

Doctor in Architecture

CAD Specialist 

Focus Technology Center

Focus Labo LLC

Focus Design Studio

Owner and Founder of 3 Focus companies


Meet the

Center Owner

I founded Focus Technology Center based on my background in architecture and education. I am certain that many of us are feeling the necessity of having solid computer skills in this new normal world. Our ways of life have shifted and will never truly go back to how things once were. I am dedicated to providing meaningful education and opportunity for children to learn computer skills that will open doors to new possibilities in this beautiful setting of Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Other Businesses

Focus Labo LLC

Providing one-on-one, at-home and on-line private tutoring service. Focus Labo has a proven track record in helping students achieve academic goals.

Focus Design Studio

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Full service architecture and consulting firm that designs single family homes, condos, retail spaces, business offices and restaurants. 

Mr. Matthew

Mr. Matthew

Video Editing Specialist


Professional video editor. He has a wide variety of experience including but not limited to Hawaii Five-0, KIKU TV, and more. Graduated from New York Film Academy and has B.A. in Creative Media from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa.


Mrs. Angie

Instructor/Customer Service

English and Japanese bilingual customer service and instructor specialized in Camtasia - video editing software.

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